Eataly São Paulo

The famous and diverse italian market Eataly arrives in São Paulo. Is the first Latin American branch of the gourmet store network of market + restaurants. When we talk about gourmet store, it means the best pizza, the best pasta, the best ingredients, the best wines, drinks, desserts, etc. In addition to an Italian market for you to buy and try again to do everything we ate there in your home.


photo: @fabioallves

The store concept comes from Turin, Italy, and was created by Oscar Farinetti in 2007. Today they are spread over several countries and with fans worldwide. Curiosity: the New York store gets to sell 2,000 pieces of pizza a day.


photo: disclosure

The unit SP has three floors:

On the ground floor, from right to left: one Lavazza coffee; a pastry shop; the chocolatier Cioccolateria Venchi; the bakery La Piazza; Mozarella place, which has one of the hottest new space, the first mozzarella smoked buffalo of Brazil; a space of cheese and sausages, another Bakery; Paninis, the chic quintada La Verdure II Crudo; Bar della Frutta; one gelateria and the first Nutella store in Brazil (excluding the corner of Paulista Avenue); as well as shelves and shelves rare delights ranging from chocolates imported (made in italy), tinned foods, juices, grocery, jams, bookstore, bazaar and cosmetics, but all with natural products.


photo: @fabioallves

On the first floor we have:

Caffé Vergnano; corners of wines and beers (especially Bianco Brandini vino and Vigne Orsone Bastianich – Italian and whites both); the butcher La Carne; one Rosticceria; another butcher; la Scuola of Eataly; Pasta Fresca where are the masses; one fishmonger; II Pesce; corners of salt, flour, grissinis, olive oils, vinegars and spices; a super cool corner with appetizers and products gluten free; the pizzeria the best Italian pizza ever food in life called La Pizza and La Pasta: A kind of restaurant to eat standing mass produced there.


photo: disclosure

And the last and third floor has the restaurant Brace bar and griglia, where lunch and dinner will be served. Executives restaurant dishes during the week, should cost from $ 50 to $ 60 reais.


photo: disclosure

The idea of space is to gather what is best in gastronomy, oenology and drinks (beers, juices) in one place, with more than 7,000 products being produced or exported directly from Italy, employing over 500 employees in Brazil. It should also highlight the schedule of workshops, courses and desgustações at La Scuola of Eataly. And one of the most interesting points was the energy of the place that makes you want to try a little of everything, the super differentiated service (it can be seen that rolled a heavy training) and services available from Monday to Sunday.


Open Mondays to Sundays (8h to 23h) the supermarket;
Restaurants in lunch (11:30 to 15:00) and dinner (18h30 to 00h00) special hours on weekends Restaurants: 12h to 00h (Saturday); 12h to 23h (Sundays and holidays)
Address: Avenida Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek, 1489 – São Paulo.
Phone: 11 3279-3300

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